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Gala Football Club

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to Gala FC, where soccer meets heart, and dreams take flight!

Founded in 2013 by our visionary President and Technical Director, Daghan Kesim, Gala FC isn't just a soccer club—it's a community, a support system, and a pathway to brighter futures.


Our Story

As a non-profit organization, we're on a mission to break down barriers. We open our arms wide to kids from less privileged families, offering them a chance to belong, stay fit, and chase their athletic dreams. Our dedicated team, many of whom are parents themselves, passionately contributes to the club's vibrant spirit.

At Gala FC, talent knows no economic bounds. We believe in nurturing gifted players and providing them with top-notch training regardless of their financial circumstances. We take immense pride in guiding numerous talented individuals toward securing college soccer scholarships and higher education, transforming aspirations into tangible achievements.

Diversity is our strength. Gala FC thrives on creating a safe, inclusive space that embraces everyone—regardless of financial or immigration status, nationality, race, religion, gender, or sexuality.

More than just a soccer club, Gala FC is a school of life. We empower our young players to sharpen not only their soccer skills, but also essential life skills—discipline, determination, teamwork, communication, and more. Soccer, for us, is a universal language that bridges geographical and cultural gaps, uniting those who might have little in common.

Join us at Gala FC, where every kick is a step towards a brighter future, and every goal scored is a triumph of dreams. Together, we're more than a club; we're a community on a mission to make a lasting impact—one goal, one dream at a time.

Meet our Founder

Daghan Kesim

Daghan (Dagi) Kesim, the Founder and Creator of Gala FC, a architect of European-style coaching, and one of the finest trainers in Washington state, and indeed, across the entire United States!

As a former professional player in Europe with a wealth of experience from various ranks and having played with esteemed clubs in Istanbul, Dagi's career was regrettably shortened due to knee injuries. However, this setback only fueled his passion for the sport, leading him to become an exceptional coach and skill trainer.

Dagi's coaching journey is a testament to his dedication and expertise. With over 23 years of experience, he has positively impacted the careers of countless players and coaches worldwide through his online and in-person training at IDT soccer. His reputation precedes him, and players speak highly of his engaging and effective coaching methods.


Matt Reinikka, a standout player for a D1 team and The Sounders reserves, attests to Dagi's exceptional skills and teaching abilities, labeling him as the best trainer. "Training with Dagi is fun, he still has exceptional skills and he likes teaching it, I wouldn't train with any other and you can see he was a very talented player." Likewise, former U19 Colombian national team player, Laura Hernandez, credits Dagi for her success, calling him “the best skill trainer.”

Throughout his coaching career, Dagi has excelled at every level. In high school, he honed his leadership skills by training and coaching six different teams over 13 years, achieving remarkable success with multiple state appearances and earning Coach of the Year honors twice. In the college realm, Dagi's contributions as a coach and trainer for EVCC and Trinity Lutheran University were invaluable, and his teams' accomplishments led them to national recognition.

Taking on the responsibility of head coach for several semi-pro soccer teams, including the Snohomish Steelheads, Gala FC semi-pro, and the Aviators, Dagi continued to showcase his tactical prowess and led his teams to numerous victories. He has an amazing win record and only 4 losses between 2017 and 2022 with his former semi-pro team. What a record!!Local Club owner Begad Anwar calls Dagi "The real deal"

Meet Our Board

Welcome to the heart of Gala FC – our dedicated Board of Directors. Committed to the principles of Duty of Care, Loyalty, and Obedience, they steer our non-profit with unwavering responsibility.

The Duty of Care ensures prudent asset management, from facilities to goodwill. Loyalty drives decisions that align with our mission, free from personal interests. Obedience is the cornerstone, ensuring compliance with laws, bylaws, and our mission.

Beyond these legal duties, our board members are architects of Gala FC's culture, strategy, and sustainability. They serve as invaluable guides, contributing to our effectiveness and financial health. As ambassadors and advocates, they champion our cause with passion.

Gala FC conducts monthly board meetings via Zoom. For precise details on the meeting time and location, kindly reach out to the board Secretary. Your interest and inquiries are valued as we strive to maintain transparency and effective communication within our organization.




We welcome your questions or suggestions regarding the club's operations and future. Whether you're a player, a parent, or a business looking to contribute, your opinions matter to us. We value your desire to participate and collaborate as we work towards the collective success of our community. Feel free to reach out; your input is highly appreciated.


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