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Bratt Sutton


Meet Coach Bratt, the spirited leader of our High School Girls and Women's Semi-Pro teams at Gala! A passionate playing coach and a devoted member of a Women's Semi-Pro Team, Coach Bratt's infectious enthusiasm for the game is unmatched. Her favorite team is the Sounders, and she looks up to the legendary Brandi Chastain, donning the lucky jersey number #5. In her coaching journey, she takes pride in our Women’s Semi-Pro team reaching the ¼ Finals in its inaugural year.

Dreaming of attending a live Women's World Cup, Coach Bratt has been an invaluable part of the Gala family for three fantastic years. Soccer isn't just a sport for her; it's been her entire world since the age of 3. Coach Bratt trusts her game to Adidas Predator Powerswerve cleats, showcasing her commitment to top-notch gear.

Challenging weather? No problem for Coach Bratt! She turns tough days into "me time," reminding herself of the passion driving her commitment. Once on the field, it's all about having a blast with the players and indulging in what she loves.

Coach Bratt lives by two inspiring mottos: "If you can dream it, you can do it!" and "Success is not an accident; it's hard work, patience, learning, and sacrifice." These principles shape her coaching philosophy, emphasizing dedication and resilience.

To Coach Bratt, the key traits of a successful soccer player extend beyond the field—mindset, teamwork, game intelligence, aggression, intensity, ball handling/placement skills, endurance, communication, and attitude. Above all, she believes in the power of being teachable—a quality that sets the foundation for growth and triumph.

Join Coach Bratt on this exhilarating soccer journey at Gala, where passion meets purpose, and success is a shared endeavor!

Bratt Sutton


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