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Daghan "Dagi" Kesim

Technical Director/Coach

Meet Dagi, the President, founder, and Jedi Master at our soccer haven, Gala FC! Coach Dagi, oversees all age groups with a magic touch that turns players into soccer knights. With a coaching career spanning many undefeated seasons, he's a true soccer maestro.

A die-hard fan of Galatasaray and the iconic number 10, Dagi draws inspiration from soccer maestros Zidane and Hagi, Dagi dreams of witnessing a World Cup final live.

As the founder of Gala FC, soccer isn't just a game for him; it's life. His heart beats in rhythm with every successful pass, every exhilarating goal.

Dagi faces challenging weather with a warrior's spirit. "I'll only see tough people like me out there," he tells himself, conquering rain or shine. His favorite cleats, Copa and Predator, mirror his style – a blend of classic finesse and predatory instinct.

Living with honor is Dagi's life motto, a philosophy that transcends the soccer field. For him, dedication, determination, ambition, and coachability are the key traits of a successful player.

So, if you spot a Jedi Master on the sidelines, it's probably Dagi—inspiring, passionate, and committed to making soccer a way of life for everyone at the club!

Daghan "Dagi" Kesim


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