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Fabian Panduro


Meet Coach Fabian, who brings a wealth of experience and passion to our young 2010-2011 squad at Gala. As a dedicated mentor, he prefers to be addressed simply as "Coach." With a twinkle in his eye, he proudly cheers for Barcelona and Chivas, holding a special place in his heart for the iconic Lionel Messi, whose jersey number 10 is, of course, his favorite. Dreaming big, Coach Fabian aspires to catch the thrill of a Champions League Final live.

Coach Fabian's journey with Gala dates back to its founding days. His coaching prowess isn't just about victories; it's about seeing kids grow. Guided by the motto "Hard work beats talent," Coach Fabian instills in his players the key traits of success: self-work and unwavering commitment. With Nike Tiempo cleats lacing up his passion, when the weather plays tough, he tells himself, "This is where we beat them," motivating himself and the team to conquer any condition.

Under his guidance, our young talents are not just learning the game; they're living it. Get ready for a season of fun, growth, and victories with Coach Fabian at the helm!

Fabian Panduro


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