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Kim Swanigan


Meet the heartbeat of our youngest jelly beans, Coach Kim! With a passion for nurturing budding talents, she's been weaving her magic at Gala for 5 glorious years. A devoted fan of the USWNT, Coach Kim draws inspiration from the incredible Crystal Dunn, proudly sporting the #25 jersey.

Her coaching prowess extends beyond the pitch—she takes immense pride in the strong bonds she forges with her players. For Coach Kim, soccer is a symphony of heart and mind, where time and practice mold skills, but true success is born from the fusion of passion and strategy.

Fashion-forward even on the field, Coach Kim's favorite cleats are the ones that sync with her style of the day—because it's not just about playing, it's about the look too!

Living in the Pacific Northwest means Coach Kim faces the notorious weather with a smile. Her secret? Dressing accordingly and embracing the inevitable—after all, this is the PNW, and weather surprises are all part of the game!

In the face of challenging weather or any obstacle, Coach Kim lives by the motto: "Growth is uncomfortable… learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable." This resilience is a trait she instills in her players. According to Coach Kim, the key to success on the soccer field is perseverance—learning from failures and relentlessly pushing forward.

Join Coach Kim on this exciting journey where soccer is not just a game; it's an art, a passion, and a community of players growing together.

Kim Swanigan


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