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Michael Garth Green


Meet coach Michael! Affectionately known as Coach Mike, he brings a unique blend of passion and expertise to our squad. As a playing coach with three years of dedication to Gala, he's an integral part of our Semi-pro team. Currently, Coach Mike molds the talents of the energetic 2012/13 age group.

His soccer heart beats for Galatasaray, and if you catch him on a game day, you'll likely find him donning the iconic number 15 jersey. Coach Mike's soccer hero is none other than Valverde, and his dream live match is El Clasico 2005.

Soccer, in Coach Mike's eyes, is synonymous with peace. His motivation to brave challenging weather for training is succinct yet powerful: "If I'm not working on getting better, somebody else is." Firmly rooted in the Pura Vida philosophy, Coach Mike embraces the pure joy inherent in both soccer and life.

Dedication, consistency, and drive – according to Coach Mike, these are the key traits of a successful soccer player. These values shine through in his coaching style, creating a dynamic and focused environment for our budding stars. His go-to cleats are the reliable Nike Tiempos, accompanying him through every twist and turn on the pitch.

Join Coach Mike and the 2012/13 team as they embark on a season filled with growth, teamwork, and the sheer joy of playing the beautiful game!

Michael Garth Green


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