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Omar Alvares


Introducing Coach Omar, the dynamic force behind our 2009/2010 squad! Advocating for consistency and goal-setting, Coach Omar has been weaving magic on the field for 5 Gala-tastic years. Whether it's the silky skills of Club America or the tiki-taka of Barcelona, his coaching philosophy aims to elevate our boys to the next level.

A devotee of the legendary Xavi Hernandez, Coach Omar's favorite jersey numbers are 8 and 6 – symbolic of the midfield mastery he instills in his players. His go-to cleats are the classic Copa Mundial, echoing the timeless elegance of his coaching style.

Dreaming of a sideline seat at the iconic Barcelona vs Real Madrid clash, Coach Omar's passion for soccer knows no bounds. Even on challenging weather days, it's the contagious energy of his boys that gets him out to the training ground, driven by the desire to teach them the essence of consistency.

As a proud father, Omar's family motto reflected in his coaching philosophy—prioritizing family values on and off the field. With his sons also donning Gala colors, Coach Omar is not just a coach but a soccer family man, weaving dreams of success for his boys and the entire team. Join us in celebrating his passion, dedication, and love for the beautiful game!

Lace up your cleats because, with Coach Omar, every match is a Gala!

Omar Alvares


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