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Raoul Trejo


Meet Raoul, a passionate soccer enthusiast with a heart for coaching. Currently, he's lending his expertise to Coach Jeff, working with the spirited boys aged '15-'17 at Gala. Raoul's journey with soccer began at Gala, where he was a youth player from 2014 to 2017. Now, as a semi-pro player and trainer, he continues to contribute to the club's legacy.

A die-hard fan of Real Madrid, Raoul's eyes light up at the mere mention of El Clásico - a match he dreams of witnessing live. His favorite player, Marcelo, embodies the flair and finesse he admires on the field. If you're curious about his lucky number, it's 12, a digit that holds a special place in his soccer journey.

For Raoul, soccer is truly "The beautiful game," and he lives by this mantra. When it comes to gear, he swears by Copa Mundial and the 2014 Hypervenoms, believing in the right equipment to enhance performance.

What keeps Raoul going on challenging weather days? A simple mantra: "If these kids can commit to training in this weather, then so can I." It's this commitment and mindset that he instills in his players, fostering key traits like discipline, consistency, motivation, the right attitude, and the willingness to make mistakes and learn from them.

Join Raoul on the soccer journey at Gala, where he not only imparts soccer skills but also cultivates a winning mentality. Whether you call him Raoul or Coach, one thing's for sure – he's here to make every game a thrilling adventure for his players!

Raoul Trejo


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